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Amethyst Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment


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Kristals Cosmetics' AMETHYST Oxygen Instant Energizing Reviving Treatment begins its gemstone-based approach to skin care with crystals infused with amethyst, which has been used for centuries in skincare because of a natural mineral complex that works to purify, detoxify and revitalize the skin. This regenerative formula is enhanced with sodium bicarbonate’s exfoliating particles that increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the skin. In concert, pro-vitamin B5, another key activator, is absorbed readily into your skin’s layers, transforming into pantothenic acid, which moisturizes, soothes, heals and regenerates healthy cells. Meanwhile, vitamin E prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage, boosts collagen production to keep skin elastic and supports new skin cell growth by increasing cell regeneration.

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